Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Why I love and hate my kitty: or, why cats and computers don't mix

So, the last time I posted, it was Saturday, and I was trying to resume a regular posting schedule. Note that today is Tuesday. The regular posting schedule was interrupted by the hilarious hijinks of one kitty named Tybalt, who has to know what's at the bottom of cups and glasses. Usually, these mishaps occur in the kitchen, where cleanup is easy, or in the living room, where furniture and carpet may take longer to dry out, but generally, no harm is done (he tends to go for water and lighter-colored drinks, while avoiding coffee, soda, and other potentially staining liquids, thankfully). Sunday night, though, was a different story all together. Eric and I had decided to go freeze our way through a cigarette outdoors and, as we exited the apartment, I looked over and saw the cat curled up, sound asleep, across the back of the love seat. A little more than halfway through the smoke, though, I panicked. "You have to let me back in NOW," I said to Eric, remembering that my keys were inside. "I left a glass of water on the computer desk!" I was hoping the cat would still be snoozing blissfully away when I came in - but no, he was prowling guiltily through the halls. I ran down the hallway, into the den, turned on the light and beheld . . . a flood, covering over half of the desktop, soaking articles from recently-completed papers, post-it pads, bits of notepaper with phone numbers and other important information, leaking slowly under the cordless phone, my palm cradle, a desk clock, around a few books, and then under the raised shelf for the monitor and off the back of the desk.

And forward into the keyboard. Which promptly started having absolutely no correlation between keys typed and characters outputted. None. Drying out did not improve this development, as it sometimes does. Early yesterday morning, the ergonomic keyboard we've had for five or six years (got it with our previous desktop) was pronounced dead.

After I finished mopping up the desktop, I was fuming and stomping my way back down the hallway when the kitty approached me, mewed, and then started winding around my ankles with, I swear, an extremely apologetic look. It's impossible to stay mad at the beastie - he's too darn cute.

So, the cat and I are friends again, and we have a new keyboard, purchased yesterday at a very, very crowded Circuit City. We had two keyboards in the house, but both have now been victims of the quest to see what's at the bottom of the water glass. At the register, the Circuit City associate asked me if I wanted the extended warranty, and I asked, "does it cover cats spilling water into the keyboard? no? then I think I can live without it."

And now I can resume blogging, as well as all those *other* things keyboards are used for! :)

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