Thursday, February 19, 2004

Candidate Compatibility

A few weeks ago, Kara blogged about the Presidential Match Guide. I blogged about a similar site several months ago, but I think this one's a bit better (and I can't find the post, for some reason). Anyway, like Kara (and the people who responded to her post, for the most part), I, too, am 100% in agreement with Kucinich. My results are as follows:

Kucinich: 100%
Sharpton: 89%
Kerry 84%
Dean: 81%
Edwards: 75%
Bush: 1%

Um, on that last one, I'm boggled where even 1% of agreement comes from. Whatever the case may be, it looks like I'm going to be voting for Kerry come November, as the candidates with whom I am most compatible are, um, not doing too hot in the primaries, to say the least. Oh, dear, am I worried about this election!!!!

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