Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Computer Woes

Our computer has been acting very, very strange as of late. It is a good three years old, and therefore we could use an upgrade, to be sure, but at the moment, affording said upgrade isn't very feasible. So we're stuck with the old monster, and neither one of us has the expertise to diagnose and/or fix the poor ailing computer.

Recent symptoms of the strange ailment (or ailments, more probably) that plague the desktop include:

The last two truly boggle me. Never mind the fact that, with a working CD-ROM drive, more diagnostic tools would be available to me, and I could also try and re-install the OS. But for the time being, that's out of the question, and I am a very frustrated computer user. Oh, and a really pissed-off Windows user.

- posted by laurie @ 2/17/2004 08:12:00 AM
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