Wednesday, February 25, 2004

The flowering of love: Strangers from Midwest send bouquets

Aww, now this is really sweet. And goes to show that, despite W's speechifying yesterday, some of us are less concerned about activist courts, and more concerned with compassion and consideration for our fellow men and women trying to celebrate commitment.

The flowering of love / Strangers from Midwest send bouquets: "Fueled by one oft-forwarded e-mail and a Web-log, callers from across the country have flooded San Francisco's flower shops, asking for bouquets to be donated to random same-sex couples waiting in line to get hitched"

For all that I certainly am more coastal in experience and upbringing, I do have to say that, overall, the Midwest is a nice place to live. Alex Halavais (on whose blog I discovered this link) says this shows there are some very cool people in this country. I agree!

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