Saturday, February 21, 2004

Owie, and a quiz you should take . . .

Even though this is my second post today, I've actually spent minimal, minimal time in front of the computer today. I woke up this morning with a headache that I've been describing as "ungodly," for some reason. Nothing has helped very much, except seclusion in a dark room or napping, during which times I am less aware that my entire head plus significant portions of my shoulders and back are just excruciating. My eyeballs are throbbing, and there have been somewhat vertiginous moments, some spinning, etc.

Even so, I sat down to see if I could find any good online bibliographies for a topic I am currently researching, and found a quiz that E. apparently took earlier today. The quiz is entitled, "Yankee or Dixie," and assesses your northernness or southernness based on your responses to dialect-related questions. Now, I grew up in one of those border states, technically south of the Mason-Dixon, but a state that few (if any) southerners would call southern. Maryland is definitely an in-between kind of place, though urbanization has definitely had an impact on the D.C. Metro area. Anyway, having grown up in an in-between environment, and with family members who grew up in distinctly southern areas, but having also spent formative portions of my life in Southern California, I was curious to see how I scored.

With a range from 0% being totally Yankee to 100% being totally Dixie, I scored a surprising 69% - decidedly Dixie. I think it was the "roly-poly" question, along with admitting that a group of people is addressed as "y'all," that really pushed me over the Mason-Dixon and down into Dixie. Hmm. Anyway, I'm off to dark-room seclusion again, to ponder regional dialect - perhaps I'll dredge my long-term memory for relevant discussions from Keith Gilyard's "Ethnic Rhetorics" seminar, which I took in the Spring 2001 semester at Penn State.

Even in moments of pain and suffering, I'm still a geek, and proud of it. G'night.

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