Wednesday, February 11, 2004

The reunion that isn't

I graduated high school in 1994. That means the dreaded/anticipated 10-year reunion looms on the horizon. Since graduating, I've been kind of ambivalent about the whole concept of a high school reunion. I completed my freshman and senior years at one high school and my sophomore and junior years at another high school, approximately 3,000 miles away from the first. So my high school experience was kind of fragmented, disconnected (not to get too PoMo on y'all). And when I returned my senior year to the high school at which I had completed my freshman year, I found that the two years apart from the friends I had known for a long time, many since elementary school, had made a huge difference. Our lives had taken different paths and, while I still liked them, I didn't feel as close to a lot of them. So senior year was a weird space where I was trying to make new friends - friends that I would have, probably, only until graduation (though some people from that timeperiod became really important in my life, and I still keep in touch with a few folks I met during that initially lonely last year of high school).

Anyway, the idea of a reunion is simultaneously scary, exciting, and absolutely unappealing. I feel like I've done a lot with my life, but I'm also still in school. I don't want to re-enter the judge-and-be-judged scene common in high school, but I'd like to see how people are doing.

All of this might be a moot point, however. I may never have to confront my conflictedness over reunions. Because there is not any information at all about a class reunion on the school website , and there seems to be no one from my graduating class who has expressed an interest in organizing anything. So we're apparently having the reunion that isn't: isn't going to be planned, isn't important enough to anyone to make us overcome lingering Gen-X slacking, just isn't. Chances are I wouldn't be able to go, anyway - but this way, I don't even have to decide.

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