Monday, March 29, 2004

Twin Cities Babelogue // A few thoughts on IP

Well, now. I'm apparently the blog of the day at Twin Cities Babelogue. Quite interesting, that. And all of a sudden I am even more aware that my postings have been sporadic of late.

Between blogging and checking the referrer files today, I have been re-reading Andrea Lunsford's "Rhetoric, Feminism, and Textual Ownership." I forgot how wonderfully written this piece is, how central this piece should be for anyone interested in alternative definitions and interpretations of intellectual property. When Lunsford concludes this piece, written in 1999, she says she's not pessimistic about change - I'm wondering if she still feels this way. '99 was pre-Napster but post-DMCA and -Bono Copyright Term Extension Act.

I'm thinking all of this through not only because it's the topic for my seminar this afternoon, but also because I have to present on intellectual property issues in a Computer Science class on Friday. I'll be the guest speaker on IP in a copmputer ethics course, and I am both excited and nervous about this opportunity. Most of all, though, I hope that I get some good reactions/responses from the students in the class.

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