Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Into the tunnel, and a light at the other end!

As seems to be pretty standard for the last several months, I haven't updated in a while. There are oh so many reasons, but one of them has been rectified: we now have a new computer!!!! Custom-built machine from Velocity Micro. So far, it works pretty darn well. The biggest bonus (other than having a stable, reliable machine that recognizes all of its components and peripherals correctly) is the monitor: 19"! Soooo much screen space, it's beautiful. Eric has been gaming like a fiend, and the graphics are beautiful - as they should be, since this is a custom gamer's machine.

Other reasons: it's the end of the semester, folks, and though I'm resisting a reversion to last semester's "hiatus" graphic, that's more or less the case. And oh, boy, do I have a billion things to do before mid-May. The good news is that, after this semester, I will not be required to take another class ever again (knock wood - never say never - and all those other superstitions). A year or so ago, I was lamenting the impending end of coursework, stating that I *loved* classes and would be sad when I wasn't taking them any more (hey, there is a reason I am still in school, you know. yes, I am a geek). Now, I am actually anxious to start work on the scary-monsters dissertation, and am having trouble believing that I'd ever said I wanted to take classes forever.

There's a light at the end of the coursework tunnel: I can see it now, and I'm blogging a little bit less to be able to reach that light faster and with greater success. Wish me bon voyage!

Oh, and for interested folks: baby is fine. I haven't felt it move yet. I am now beginning to actually visibly look pregnant. I am definitely 100% no longer able to fit into normal people clothes, but must now wear things with a higher spandex quotient than I would normally tolerate. And my prenatal yoga class is kicking my butt. The course is more hardcore than the beginners class I was taking before. Oh: perhaps most importantly, it is almost certain that there's only one baby. I was terrified it would be twins (they run in my family). Full confirmation will come in mid-May, when we go in for the ultrasound.

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