Saturday, April 24, 2004


I'm slowly, slowly chipping away at the workload. I'm apparently also chipping away at any chance I had of decent posture, or of recovery from previous back and shoulder problems. I've spent so much time sitting at a computer this week that, even with our awesome ergonomic keyboard and mousepad with wrist support (leather, even, from Levenger: gift from my mother a few Christmases ago), I've developed a really nasty ache from base of skull to shoulder joint on my right (mouse-using) side. Plus, as a bonus, I have limited feeling from my shoulder joint all the way down to my fingers. Can you get carpal tunnel all the way up your arm? Did you know that apparently pregnancy makes one more likely to develop carpal tunnel?

To update from Wednesday's post, I *think* I felt the baby move. Well, I'm pretty sure what I felt a few days ago was the baby, but since then, the instances of possible movement have been less clear-cut.

I have to tell you, this whole being pregnant thing is weird. Exciting, for sure, but very very weird.

- posted by laurie @ 4/24/2004 08:27:00 PM
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