Saturday, April 03, 2004

Reactions on the Canadian File Sharing Decision

I wish I had seen this Globe and Mail article before I gave that presentation on intellectual property, file sharing, and ethics to an Ethics in Computer Science class yesterday. Don't get me wrong, the presentation went well, but this article does a good job of covering the diversity of opinions about filesharing, and of representing a range of responses to Wednesday's decision regarding the use of p2p networks to distribute music. As with many arguments, this debte often gets characterized as a completely dichotomous issue: on one side, the recording industry wants folks to stop sharing files, and further wants to control copyrighted material through DRM, licensing, and other technological means; on the other side are the anarchic young file swappers who want what they want when they want it, and all for free. The truth is that there are numerous other positions on this issue, and that they are often very nuanced, complex ones. The p2p issue is not simply a legal one, but involves all kinds of ethical and cultural issues, a prime reason why this issue is murky rather than clear-cut.

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