Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Who goes to New Orleans in the Summer?

Ok, it is not quite summer yet. And here in the lovely temperate Twin Cities, it's not even in the 70s yet. But in New Orleans right now, daytime highs are in the 90s, evening low temps are in the 70s, and relative humidity appears to be somewhere between 80 and 90%.

Why do I care, you may ask? Well, a colleague and I are heading to the International Communication Association 2004 Convention, which runs tomorrow through May 31. And ICA happens to be in New Orleans this year. I am excited to be giving a paper at this conference, and I am thrilled about having an excuse to wander around the French Quarter of New Orleans for the better part of three days. I am, however, less than thrilled that I am pulling into the sixth month of pregnancy and headed into a steamy late spring swamp atmosphere. Since I grew up in a swamp (which is what our illustrious nation's capital was before it became Washington, D.C.), I do have a good idea what I'm getting myself into, and it's not necessarily pretty.

I have a feeling New Orleans would be slightly more fun if it were cooler, if I weren't carrying about an extra fifteen pounds around my middle (including a pint-sized kicking machine), and if there were fruity, umbrella-bearing drinks involved. On the other hand, by the time the kid makes its first appearance into this world, it will have already traveled to Washington DC (and metro-area Maryland and Virginia), Los Angeles (and nearby Orange County), and New Orleans, plus have weathered a drive from Minnesota to Illinois, which will take us through Michigan, as well. Seven states plus the District of Columbia before birth: is the child destined to be a world traveler? Take a look at the ultrasound pictures, if you like, and tell me what you think! (oh, and by the way, if anyone out there has expertise at reading ultrasounds and catches sight of anything that would indicate sex, just keep that to yourself, please: we want to be surprised).

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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

MS to Linux: "You're not really open source"

According to - Linux is not open source, says Microsoft.

Interesting article - and the authors point out that Microsoft actually has a point. Philosophy and development methodology versus commercial distribution, enterprise support, and marketing, marketing, marketing.

[MS exec] "Vamos said Linux has a place, and that 'it is already doing some good work for customers' but separates it from open source because 'the open source debate tends to be one that's about philosophy and views'. And then he gets to the punch: 'When you talk about Linux versus Windows, you're talking about which operating system is the best value for money and fit for purpose. That's a very basic decision customers can make if they have the information available to them.' "

All of this as Red Hat moves to release a desktop version and pushes corporate users toward their enterprise platform. Hmmmm . . .

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