Thursday, July 29, 2004

. . . and so it begins.

Last night it actually sunk in that, in a little over a week (10 days not including today, but who's counting), we're going to be moving. Not only is our current apartment more or less unpacked, but it's a mess, to boot. Chaos would be an understatement. And while I have been packing bits and pieces for the last week, fact is, my few boxes a day has barely made a dent. So far, I've managed to clear off a few bookshelves, and that's the grand sum of my efforts. Last night I packed up five boxes of books to go to the townhouse, and two crates to stash in a corner becuse I am currently using or planning to use them. I did a bunch of dishes. I waded through stacks of old magazines, catalogs, mail, and paperwork, and threw a lot of stuff out. After all this activity, the living room looked like it had been vandalized, but otherwise, everything pretty much looks the same.

And the worst part of it is, while I worked for a few solid hours, I quit because I had to - because my feet were starting to protest, my back had gone from aching to really hurting, and my belly, well, it's now big enough to be just chronically in the way. And the last thing I need right now is to go into premature labor and end up on bedrest of some sort. That would, in a word, suck.

Last night I was freaking out because I was firmly convinced that we won't be ready to move by the 8th like we had planned. And not only that, but I was convinced that the townhouse won't be ready by then, either. Not only does this place have to be emptied by the 8th, but two bedrooms, the family room, the bathroom, and the hallway all have to be painted - and the drywall and tile around the tub in the bathroom has to be replaced where, apparently, a long-term leak caused the drywall behind the tiles to moulder away and, finally, collapse when someone tried to repair the leak. And just about all of this repairing and painting has to go on during weekends and evenings, because the two primary painters both work full-time, of course. Oh, and Eric's working six days a week right now. And of course, it doesn't help that I'm a little emotional about things from time to time these days.

I think the move is actually doable. We'll manage to get everything together by the 8th, and the painting will get done somehow. It's just going to be absolutely, positively, unquestionably NO FUN. :(

And now, I must stop complaining, and go pack.

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