Saturday, July 31, 2004

Indiana Paper Hits Michael Moore for Copyright Infringement

I tap Editor and Publisher twice in two days: this one's good! This Editor & Publisher article says an Indiana paper is claiming copyright infringement, citing "unauthorized" and "misleading" use of their publication. What do they want? An apology and compensatory damages of $1.00. Supposedly, Moore uses a certain headline, which appears to be very large, and from a December 19 edition of the newspaper. The paper claims the headline was smaller, ran on December 5, and was "above a letter to the editor, hardly a factual news story or editorial."

The coverage from the Pantagraph makes the issue pretty clear. The article starts off:

"The Pantagraph has a message for Michael Moore, creator of the movie hit, "Fahrenheit 9/11":

If he wants to 'edit' The Pantagraph, he should apply for a copy-editing job and not simply show made-over and 'falsely represented' pages from the newspaper in his movie -- or he should at least ask for permission first."

Another reason to go and see Moore's movie again, I guess. While there is a clear potential ethics issue here, I can't help but wonder if there really is a copyright issue, per se. I'm following this one as it develops, for sure!

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