Friday, July 30, 2004

Many Large Newspaper Editorials Praise Kerry Speech

This Editor & Publisher article has a nice recap of the major US print coverage (editorials) of Kerry's speech. Apparently, everyone but the Washington Post is more or less patting Kerry on the back. Good to know. I still think, though, that all of this "well, he delivered as an orator" stuff is erring on the side of kindness rather than honesty.

I also have one complaint about Kerry's dropping of the url during his speech: yes, if you want to know "more" about his plans for the nation, his site is a place to start. But while there is more detail on the site than he could possibly include in the speech, the information on offer isn't what I would call chock-full of detail. Personally, I'd like a few more specifics.

- posted by laurie @ 7/30/2004 02:54:00 PM
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