Saturday, July 31, 2004

Pirate DJs ordered to pay $140,000

This article from the Age reports that, in Australia, five DJ's have been made to pay $140,000.00 to the owners of the copyrights to songs they distributed on pirated CDs. Also included in the judgement were a record store and its director.

Guess who's behind the action? Universal, Sony, Warner, and MIPI.

quote from MIPI's Michael Speck: "'Pirate copyrighters know that they are breaking the law. When they are caught they claim that infringing copyright is actually good for the industry. This ruling confirms that this proposition is nonsense,' Mr Speck said."

I'd bet, though that the 'pirated' versions of the song were remixes and/or used sampling techniques. Makes the whole thing a little less black-and-white than the industry might have us believe.

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