Wednesday, August 04, 2004


So, having done my IP/Copyright news search for the day while waking up, I am now off to make even more progress on the packing front. One small gripe, though, before I sign off for a day full of packing and cleaning: where did my archives go? You know, I've been using Blogger since November 2001 - coming up on three years here pretty quickly - and for all of the various problems, migrations, reconfigurations, and other stuff, the biggest and most recurring problem I have with Blogger is archive problems. I could probably find a dozen or so old posts griping about templates that wouldn't update, archives that disappeared, archive links that got screwed up through no fault of my own, and so on (and I could link to them if my archives were working properly right now!). And guess what? Yesterday, in addition to updating my blogroll, I also figured out how to fix a long-standing problem with my archive template. Everything was working beautifully until late last night. And then, *poof*, my archived posts disappeared. Now, monthly archive pages seem to still exist, but permalinks to individual posts will throw a blogger "page not found" error. What's going on?

- posted by laurie @ 8/04/2004 08:14:00 AM
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