Wednesday, August 04, 2004

But wait, we don't have a . . .

Since I graduated with my B.A. in 2000, we have moved three times, the upcoming move on Sunday being move #4. Many of the boxes we are packing up right now have been used in at least two of the previous three moves, and so they are scrawled with previous contents. When we moved in 2000, from Maryland to Pennsylvania, nearly all boxes got scrawled with "FRAGILE" - the collected moving team at the time was highly amused by one or another of the group saying, "fra-gi-lay: must be Italian." Corny, but that was a really exhausting move, most of us were exhausted the entire time we were packing, cleaning, and hauling stuff, and about anything would have been funny. The other long-distance move, from Pennsylvania to Minnesota, was just as stressful, but much, much more organized. Book boxes used for this move are labeled with things such as "BOOKS: large shelf, den. Nineteenth-century novels, women's history," or "Books: LT. entertainment center shelves. Literary theory, Spanish literature and dictionaries, nature writing." I kid you not. The miscellaneous books box was even labeled with the kind of miscellany inside.

I just pulled a flattened box from the pile of deflated cardboard cubes laying on the living room floor. This box was labeled in Eric's handwriting, and with purple Sharpie, "Dishes, glasses, ferrett." We must have been running out of boxes at that point in the move. :)

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