Thursday, August 05, 2004

deep breaths

Though today really hasn't been all that chock-full of activity, I feel like I've been running around all day. Normal errands have become the equivalent of a marathon lately.

So, I got up at 6:30 this morning (or a little before - I actually woke just before the alarm went off) and made myself ready to go to yet another doctor's appointment. I just had the last of my "monthly" visits: one visit two weeks from now, and then I go to weekly visits with the midwives until delivery. The scary thing was scheduling all of my remaining OB appointments this morning after today's visit ended. I'm now all booked up, through the end of September, about four days from my due date. It really hit home: this kid is coming, and soon.

After the doctor's, I drove six blocks down the road, reparked, and went to settle up some library business with the borrowing privileges and fines people. They thought I had stolen some books. I gave the books back, and they significantly reduced the amount of cash dollars I have to fork over to them. *whew* I was beginng to sweat a little about how I was going to pay off the Library - and one has to do these things to reamin a registered student in good standing with the university.

Then, on to errnand-running: cleaning supplies and assorted other things related to moving and/or new baby care at Target, where they were shockingly out of new address cards. A few photocopies at Office Depot (since I forgot to make copies while at the library), a trip to the post office, and then, finally, home, where I put my feet up and decided to kick back and relax a bit. I took this opportunity to make a few long-overdue phonecalls: one to my sister, and one to my mom.

My sister informed me that she's thinking of spending seven days at the end of August horseback riding and learning about Irish history in and around Galway. I'm very happy for her - it should be a wonderful trip, and she deserves a little time to spend just on herself. I'm jealous, though, and all I can say is, she had better take pictures, and lots of them!

Mom's doing well, though she apparently thinks I am the hardest person in the world to get on the phone (she never calls my cell). We chatted for a while, did some general catching up, and then she listened while I yakked on and on about the baby and being pregnant and the nursery theme and . . . Then she hinted at a baby gift, a nursery furniture set we want from Target. Yay! The crib was the one big-ticket item we haven't gotten yet.

And now that I have spent too long on the phone, and my feet are starting to regain normal proportions, I'm off t0 pack and clean some more. Gotta put some of those harsh chemicals purchased at Target today to some good use!

and this evening, I definitely need to do my yoga - but in the meantime, I'll settle for some deep, cleansing breaths.

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