Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Trials and tribulations of moving

Well, we're into our new place, and completely (minus a few things in the basement storage bin and, Eric thinks, perhaps a lone frozen pot pie in the freezer) out of the old place. And we have internet access again, which is wonderful, but I can't find the driver disk or all of the cables for the router, so as of yet we've got no wireless network.

Even though we got reconnected over a week ago, I've been keeping a low profile here, as we've been cleaning out the old apartment, rearranging furniture here at the new place, trying to unpack, and doing very large-scale reorganization: Eric and I have been living with each other and only each other for the past eight years, and now we're trying to rearrange things so that space is allocated between three adults and the yet-to-arrive baby. The kitchen organization process itself, with two kitchens becoming one, was interesting (and is ongoing). But it's going right along, and it'll all get done, eventually. I'm definitely slowing down, I've gotta say: I can't see my feet anymore, and bending down to pick things up from off of the floor is a definite challenge.

Next challenge: to get all my ducks in a row before baby arrives. Must finish syllabus, finish class site design, and work on WebCT course site, as well. Preregister with admissions at the hospital. Check into pediatricians. Call around about daycare. Get baby announcements ready to go. 40 days until due date - but who's counting? :) Just keep your fingers crossed, please, that the kiddo doesn't decide to arrive weeks early, as I did (my poor parents hadn't even finished the nursery yet).

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