Sunday, August 01, 2004

Vatican Weighs in on Feminism, Women's Roles

This Reuters article discusses a Vatican document issued yesterday which focuses on feminism, and "said modern feminism's fight for power and gender equality was undermining the traditional concept of family and creating a climate where gay marriages are seen as acceptable."

Not surprisingly, feminists are reacting strongly to this document, saying that reading it was like walking through a time warp, reading something written by Archie Bunker, etc. The document apparently points out how out of touch the all-male upper eschelon of the church is with society. While the document does say that women's value is not solely procreative, and does also say that women should have workplace equality (wow, those are two biggies - you go figure if I'm being sarcastic or not), it also said "differences between the sexes must be recognized and exalted."

I haven't had the time to read the letter, but the text is available online. Believe me, I plan to take a look at it later on today.

. . . and by the way, any theories on what, precisely, prompted this attack on feminism? What's going on nationally or internationally that would have prompted a Vatican staement on gender roles? Or is this the culmination of the reaction to the gay marriage issue, I wonder? And if that's the case, then how come women everywhere get to be responsible for that, too? Last time I checked, gay marriage was an issue that affects both biological sexes, but apparently, mommies who don't perform their gender roles appropriately just undermine the whole family structure and confuse their kiddos and society, which results in a whole bunch of people entering into terrible same-sex relationships. Sorry for the sarcasm and ranting, but come on now. A bunch of men with their own unique issues with sexuality get to hand down this kind of judgement regarding the women of the world? Hmph.

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