Saturday, September 25, 2004

Checking in . . .

It's been just over a week since I wrote, and so I though I would check in here, mainly to let folks know that yes, I am still knocking around, and nope, no baby as of yet. My due date is Monday, but the midwife I saw on Thursday did remind me that the "due date" was really a "due month," with a baby's probable arrival falling into a timeframe of between two weeks before and two weeks after that one, 24-hour-long "due date." So . . . sometime within the next sixteen days, one way or another.

Everyone's getting anxious, edgy. Eric has confessed to chronically patting his pockets to make sure his cell phone is on his person, and instantly asks if I'm ok any time I call him. I've spoken to my mom on the phone just about as many times this week as I generally get to in a month, Eric's parents are making weekly or twice-weekly attempts to contact us and make sure they're not grandparents yet, our housemate's mom, even, is checking in for regular updates, and various friends and relatives are constantly asking, "so . . . is there a baby yet?"

In the meantime, I have teaching that's keeping me busy, and two book reviews to get cracking on (which is fun, because I am still functionally impaired when it comes to memory, synthesis, analyis, and critique of academic stuff). My brainpower and attention span have so been sapped by the final stages of pregnancy that I had a difficult time focusing on a Terry Pratchett novel Eric handed me earlier this week - and that's very light, fluffy stuff, but I couldn't get through the first three pages. I am trying not to read anything I haven't read before until after the baby comes (academic or otherwise, email and student texts being the exceptions), and I go from having a hormone-addled brain to suffering from the much more familiar sleep deprivation. People think I'm nuts, but believe me, I know how to do lack of sleep. This pregnancy-induced lack of focus, on the other hand, is a new and powerful beast.

I kind of feel like I'm in a weird holding pattern right now, in some kind of suspension from life-as-usual. I know that'll be over soon, though. Anyway, before I wax too philosophical, I'm going to go. Wish me luck, y'all!

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Friday, September 17, 2004

Oh, and . . .

while usually opposed to linkies, blinkes, flashing-sparkling-waving-winking .gifs and other insipid things that reek of bad (or just freakin' annoying) web design, I did find the following today . . . and while it's cutsey-pie, hey, it's free and functional.

Lilypie Baby Days

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Random . . .

I'm currently enjoying a yummy lunch: peanutbutter and nutella on sourdough. I found nutella in our local grocery a week ago, and was just absolutely overjoyed. I knew it was available in this country, but I'd never seen it anywhere. Nutella makes me think of breakfast in Spain - but we ate it on pan-toasted, fresh-baked ciabatta which my roommate and I purchased daily during our mid-morning break from this warm, friendly shopkeeper.I still miss that bread!

My enjoyment of my sandwich is hindered only by the fact that the right side of my face is ouchy - not sure if this is an allergy/sinus or a tooth problem - and has been for the last few days. I've moved from general common-cold misery to focused facial pain. Peachy.

On the to-do list today:

I guess I'd accomplish more of these to-dos of I stopped blogging and started working, huh? :)

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

If you've never considered being a stay-at-home parent . . .

. . . then you haven't checked out child care prices for infants. What makes the whole infant-care situation even better is that no one (ok, not true, I've found two people and one center) does part-time infant care, so not only is it expensive, but there's little-to-no way to cut down costs by cutting down hours of care.

(by the way, just as a point of interest, last semester when I was teaching Technical Writing, one student in each of my two classes did a final recommendation report on child care vs. staying at home, and among their finances/cost data was the following fun tidbit: the Twin Cities area is one of the most expensive areas in the country when it comes to child care costs - goody!)

Oh, and centers? They have eighteen-month-long waiting lists (not to mention that they are twice as costly as an in-home daycare). Ummmmmm, so I should have been applying to centers nine months before I knew I was pregnant? How does that work??? Under this theory, I guess I'd better start filling out those college application forms and make sure junior is scheduled to take the SAT and GRE (just in case baby wants to go to grad school) by then end of the year, huh?

All I can say is really, thank heaven this kid isn't twins (or more!! eek!!). W'd be in the poorhouse for sure.

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Monday, September 13, 2004

Fun finds - and a teeny update (in reverse order)

Ok, I've been asked via phone and email, so . . . yes, I'm still waddling around, no, the little one hasn't decided to make his or her appearance yet, yes I will let people know pretty much as soon as anything changes, and yeah, I'm getting a wee bit cranky (not at the people asking, really, so if you're one of them - please, don't take it personally - I am just uncomfortable, nervous, and ready to not be pregnant anymore).

I survived the first week of classes. Things seem to be going pretty smoothly with the online course so far - not a whole lot differently than the beginning of the semester with a face-to-face course.

We also have received our crib and changing table/dresser, purchased a mattress, and made appointments to interview child care providers and pediatricians this week. Must make lists of things to ask about tomorrow! It'll be a busy week, for sure.

So that's the update. Now for the fun finds: from Clancy comes the Infinite Cat Project (and check out Clancy's post, where she has the cutest of all the pictures posted). And from Jessica comes the link to PhotoStamps, which is pretty awesome, but the best part is the example she has posted.

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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Blog Collection Reviewed!

The collection that a group of us in the Department of Rhetoric co-edited has been reviewed in Computers and Composition Online! Check it out: Into the Blogosphere: A Review. Pretty nice review - makes me feel very warm and fuzzy! Especially since I know how hard the authors and the editorial collective worked on this.

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We have wireless . . . and wired . . . connection!

It works! After almost two days of getting caught up doing other things and of trying to wait until there was someone around to help big pregnant ol' me to move desks and reach buried outlets/surge strips, I finally did it. Broke down and decided to just take care of creating the wireless network all by myself. And it turns out, it was stupidly easy, though I will need help rearranging power cords this evening.

Here's what I did:

Opened up the AirPort Express box. Glanced at installation materials. Noted that it said the AirPort Express could connect to an existing ethernet network. To be safe, and avoid any confusion, turned off the wireless signal being broadcast from the old Netgear router. Ran an ethernet connection between the Netgear router and the AirPort Express, then plugged the AirPort into a wall outlet. Powered up the 14" iBook, the one that didn't play nice with the Netgear wireless connection, and clicked on the AirPort icon, which dropped down and displayed . . . an apple network! To which the machine connected with not a single problem! So - the (newer) PC is connected to the internet via ethernet using the Netgear router. The 14" iBook, using the AirPort Extreme (802.11g) card, is connected wirelessly via the Express. The 12" iBook, running OS 9.1 and using an old AirPort 802.11b card, also connects with not a single problem. And the really happy bit? The signal is strong throughout the house, including in the far corner of the housemate's room, where her iMac will be stationed, with its very own AirPort card.

Now all I have to do is figure out what the heck I want to do about wireless printing. Wonder if I connected the printer to the AirPort Express, would there be an easy way to print from the desktop (no wireless connection, no direct connection to the AirPort Express)? That's my only concern. But I might leave that for further adventures in networking.

And for anyone doing a bit of math - yes, this is a house with three adults and an infant on the way. And we have five computers (2 Mac laptops, one iMac, the WinXP desktop, and the crappy old Gateway WinME machine, which isn't even plugged in at the moment, but at some point will be undergoing some upgrading, tinkering, etc.). And two wireless access points. And I think three printers. Kinda silly. Kinda sad.

All we need is fax and scanning capabilities, though right now the latter is more desireable than the former. A half-decent scanner is definitely on my wish list.

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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Still here . . . still going.

Whew. I'm exhausted. Today is the first day of the Fall semester around here, which means that I have spent the last few days making a website, tweaking the template (then breaking the template, then tweaking the template . . . must become much better at CSS) for the class, getting the course management system up and running. Then emailing students. Then fielding questions from them. Then trying to figure out why, even though WebCT supposedly is synchronized with registration records, I have two students who weren't on the WebCT roster but were on the official University roster.

Still have a cold. Still feel generally miserable, between the cold and the joys of late pregnancy. As with a recent post, I think I must sign off to have a nap. Napping is instrumental to my ability to function these days.

After the nap, I think I'm going to try to set up the newly-purchase AirPort Express and see if, just maybe, we can get all computers in this house online. By the way, I now know the difference between the AirPort Base Station and the AirPort Express (besides the very obvious $70.00): former can support 50 computers and has two ethernet ports; latter can support 10 computers and only has one ethernet port. Theoretically, my current wireless/ethernet router can serve as a bridge, and that way I have all the ethernet ports I want (four on the router plus one on the express). I will never, that I can foresee, have the need or the inclination to manage a wireless network with more than 10 computers.

By the way, if anyone knows how that using-the-router-as-some-extra-ethernet-ports works, feel free to let me know!

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Friday, September 03, 2004

Happy News!

I just got the official email: I got accepted at CCCC, and will be presenting at the 2005 conference! Yay! This is the first time an inidividual proposal of mine has been accepted (I've only submitted one other individual proposal, and I will freely admit that that one was a trying-to-do-too-much/not-focused-on-a-composition-audience nightmare). My paper takes a look at intercultural issues in intellecual property, specifically with reference to the peer-to-peer debate. The panel looks to be generally about online community, so I'm sure I'll be in good company.

The invite also means that Eric, baby, and I will be "on vacation" in San Francisco in mid-March, which should also be a blast (in some ways: I'm sure the logistics of conferencing and travelling with a small child will complicate things somewhat - and I'm sure there will be less barhopping than at previous Cs I've attended).


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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Showered, and perhaps just in time.

So, two friends threw a shower for Eric and me on Sunday. The turnout was pretty good: nice mix of various friends, Eric's coworkers, and people from my department. Other than the rain shower that decided to arrive just after everyone had finished hauling chairs and gifts out onto the deck (which then had to be hauled back inside, of course), things went smoothly. I had fun, got to see people I hadn't seen in a while, received some very fabulous gifts, and also received some priceless advice.

I now have tons of thank-you notes to write. But I have awfully cute duckie thank-you cards to write them on!

There are pictures. I might post a few later on, but right now I'm trying desperately to do two things: 1) actually get some quality sleep, since Saturday night was really the last time that happened and I am now battling a summer cold; and 2) get all loose ends tied up, all eggs in baskets, all ducks in rows. And here, my friends, is why . . .

I went to see the midwife today. First checkup in the ninth month (week 36 and 3 days). Right at the beginning of the consultation, she told me to expect to go to my due date, or perhaps a week longer, because most first pregnancies go that way. Then came the actual exam.

"You may or may not go into labor within the next week," she says to me.

What? I'm not due for another 25 days. Can I panic now????

Instantly the to-do list forms: pack hospital bag, finish up my birth plan, call to make sure my preregistration and admission form was received, choose coming-home outfits for me and baby, make sure to clean cars and get car seats installed, try and figure out what to do about a pediatrician/family practice doctor.

Apparently, Eric had the same reaction. I called him on my way out of the women's clinic, and he noted that we need to get the white paint to finish the trim in the baby's room.

Eek! Must. Accomplish. Things.

Napping, however, is step one in the process, and I am off to do that right now.

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