Monday, September 13, 2004

Fun finds - and a teeny update (in reverse order)

Ok, I've been asked via phone and email, so . . . yes, I'm still waddling around, no, the little one hasn't decided to make his or her appearance yet, yes I will let people know pretty much as soon as anything changes, and yeah, I'm getting a wee bit cranky (not at the people asking, really, so if you're one of them - please, don't take it personally - I am just uncomfortable, nervous, and ready to not be pregnant anymore).

I survived the first week of classes. Things seem to be going pretty smoothly with the online course so far - not a whole lot differently than the beginning of the semester with a face-to-face course.

We also have received our crib and changing table/dresser, purchased a mattress, and made appointments to interview child care providers and pediatricians this week. Must make lists of things to ask about tomorrow! It'll be a busy week, for sure.

So that's the update. Now for the fun finds: from Clancy comes the Infinite Cat Project (and check out Clancy's post, where she has the cutest of all the pictures posted). And from Jessica comes the link to PhotoStamps, which is pretty awesome, but the best part is the example she has posted.

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