Friday, September 03, 2004

Happy News!

I just got the official email: I got accepted at CCCC, and will be presenting at the 2005 conference! Yay! This is the first time an inidividual proposal of mine has been accepted (I've only submitted one other individual proposal, and I will freely admit that that one was a trying-to-do-too-much/not-focused-on-a-composition-audience nightmare). My paper takes a look at intercultural issues in intellecual property, specifically with reference to the peer-to-peer debate. The panel looks to be generally about online community, so I'm sure I'll be in good company.

The invite also means that Eric, baby, and I will be "on vacation" in San Francisco in mid-March, which should also be a blast (in some ways: I'm sure the logistics of conferencing and travelling with a small child will complicate things somewhat - and I'm sure there will be less barhopping than at previous Cs I've attended).


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