Tuesday, September 14, 2004

If you've never considered being a stay-at-home parent . . .

. . . then you haven't checked out child care prices for infants. What makes the whole infant-care situation even better is that no one (ok, not true, I've found two people and one center) does part-time infant care, so not only is it expensive, but there's little-to-no way to cut down costs by cutting down hours of care.

(by the way, just as a point of interest, last semester when I was teaching Technical Writing, one student in each of my two classes did a final recommendation report on child care vs. staying at home, and among their finances/cost data was the following fun tidbit: the Twin Cities area is one of the most expensive areas in the country when it comes to child care costs - goody!)

Oh, and centers? They have eighteen-month-long waiting lists (not to mention that they are twice as costly as an in-home daycare). Ummmmmm, so I should have been applying to centers nine months before I knew I was pregnant? How does that work??? Under this theory, I guess I'd better start filling out those college application forms and make sure junior is scheduled to take the SAT and GRE (just in case baby wants to go to grad school) by then end of the year, huh?

All I can say is really, thank heaven this kid isn't twins (or more!! eek!!). W'd be in the poorhouse for sure.

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