Friday, September 17, 2004

Random . . .

I'm currently enjoying a yummy lunch: peanutbutter and nutella on sourdough. I found nutella in our local grocery a week ago, and was just absolutely overjoyed. I knew it was available in this country, but I'd never seen it anywhere. Nutella makes me think of breakfast in Spain - but we ate it on pan-toasted, fresh-baked ciabatta which my roommate and I purchased daily during our mid-morning break from this warm, friendly shopkeeper.I still miss that bread!

My enjoyment of my sandwich is hindered only by the fact that the right side of my face is ouchy - not sure if this is an allergy/sinus or a tooth problem - and has been for the last few days. I've moved from general common-cold misery to focused facial pain. Peachy.

On the to-do list today:

I guess I'd accomplish more of these to-dos of I stopped blogging and started working, huh? :)

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