Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Showered, and perhaps just in time.

So, two friends threw a shower for Eric and me on Sunday. The turnout was pretty good: nice mix of various friends, Eric's coworkers, and people from my department. Other than the rain shower that decided to arrive just after everyone had finished hauling chairs and gifts out onto the deck (which then had to be hauled back inside, of course), things went smoothly. I had fun, got to see people I hadn't seen in a while, received some very fabulous gifts, and also received some priceless advice.

I now have tons of thank-you notes to write. But I have awfully cute duckie thank-you cards to write them on!

There are pictures. I might post a few later on, but right now I'm trying desperately to do two things: 1) actually get some quality sleep, since Saturday night was really the last time that happened and I am now battling a summer cold; and 2) get all loose ends tied up, all eggs in baskets, all ducks in rows. And here, my friends, is why . . .

I went to see the midwife today. First checkup in the ninth month (week 36 and 3 days). Right at the beginning of the consultation, she told me to expect to go to my due date, or perhaps a week longer, because most first pregnancies go that way. Then came the actual exam.

"You may or may not go into labor within the next week," she says to me.

What? I'm not due for another 25 days. Can I panic now????

Instantly the to-do list forms: pack hospital bag, finish up my birth plan, call to make sure my preregistration and admission form was received, choose coming-home outfits for me and baby, make sure to clean cars and get car seats installed, try and figure out what to do about a pediatrician/family practice doctor.

Apparently, Eric had the same reaction. I called him on my way out of the women's clinic, and he noted that we need to get the white paint to finish the trim in the baby's room.

Eek! Must. Accomplish. Things.

Napping, however, is step one in the process, and I am off to do that right now.

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