Monday, October 04, 2004

. . . and finally, the news you've all been waiting for . . .

well, I was anxiously awaiting this news, anyway: the baby's here! After a nice, long wait, Our little one finally decided to make . . . her . . . arrival. Yes, it's a girl! She was born early in the morning on Thursday, after a nice, long period of making her mom quite miserable. But I'm trying to forget the lesser points of the whole labor-and-delivery process, and focus on the fact that I now have the most beautiful, precocious, bright-eyed daughter ever (yep, biased already).

She's healthy, has 10 little fingers and 10 perfect toes.

Thanks to you all for support and love throughout the pregnancy. And sorry for being snappy and whiny here as my due date got closer, and then passed . . . she was only three days late, but those three days were forever!

I'm zonked, and need to go take care of the little one. She's making "feed me" faces right now . . . Light posting ahead, as we all get our butts kicked by sleep deprivation and I get things back in gear school-wise.

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