Sunday, December 26, 2004

did you have a merry one?

We spent yesterday at the home of our housemate's mom, and had a pretty pleasant time. There was yummy breakfast to start out with, and then present-opening that was conducted in the drawn-out show-and-tell manner (unlike some of the "everyone tear into everything and scream excitedly" christmas mornings I have participated in). I got exactly what I wanted, and some things I didn't know I wanted, but were duckie-themed, so . . . (if you don't know by now that I am duckie-obsessed, you're either a new reader or a careless one). The baby made out pretty well - clothing and teething toys, mostly. She's now decided to try to put everything into her mouth, so the teething things are right on time.

We also got a hand-me-down video camera, mainly so we can tape the munchkin and send videos to my mom. This was actually the first gift opened yesterday, and it made me tear up, because my mom's uncertain health has been getting to me over the last few days. It will be wonderful to be able to share little one's growth and progress (and events like the first Christmas) with her.

My father arrrived today for a brief visit. So, the next four days are devoted to trying to figure out what to do with a Southern Californian in Minnesota (note, please, that he was here for a week last Christmas, and so we've done many of the thing that there are to do - oh, and that this year we're more limited in our activities because of the baby). A few movies, for sure, and some lessons on "how to use the PC."

By the way . . . still grading. No joke.

Hope you're having a great holiday season. And I hope your grading's done! :)

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