Friday, December 10, 2004

Hey, guys: get those laptops off your lap top

This InformationWeek article notes that a study due out in February links laptop use with reproductive problems. The real problem appears to be the heat generated by the computers, which men support on their thighs:

Fertility researchers at the State University of New York at Stony Brook say that men who use their laptop computers on their laps could be diminishing their ability to father children. Some might immediately point to wireless connections. But the culprit seems to be heat generated by laptop computers and the way men usually hold their thighs together to support the computer.

Glad it's not the wireless, I guess. Um, maybe you should give the guys you love lapdesks this holiday season?


there are oh, so many good article titles out there for this info. The best, or worst, as the case may be, include:

Laptops affect your sperm
Laptop a threat to family plans
Laptop in your lap might mess with male prowess
Hot laptops could cook men's fertility
Want to be a dad? Stop bouncing a laptop on your knee

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