Thursday, December 02, 2004

just when i thought it was safe . . .

so, blogger decided to let me post. most other electronic devices in the household are working well (or as well as can be expected, given age, condition, and so on). While some other things have been a little bumpy over the last several days, the kinks and bugs seem to have been shaken out of the electronic and technological components in my life. everything seems to be working smoothly . . . except my email.


my school email account is throwing fits. when i try to check email using mozilla, as i usually do, it . . . just . . . h a n g s. i realized this afternoon that it has been doing this since sometime yesterday.

i repeat, crap. not having email access isn't an option right now.

in other news, baby turned two months a few days ago. today we went in for the two-month checkup. and the first of many immunizations. she screamed a bit at first, then conked out for a few hours. when she awoke, though, she fussed, and fussed, and Fussed, and FUSSED. and then she SCREAMED for over an hour. i finally decided that even though she had only a tad of a fever, i would give her tylenol in an effort to knock out any pain she may have at the injection sites. the few hours between when she stopped fussing and got serious about the screaming and when the tylenol kicked in and she went back to sleep were the longest hours i have ever passed.

happier news: i succeeded in getting a flu shot for myself today, and last night we got the munchkin to sleep in her crib for almost six blissful, uninterrupted hours.

by the way, i am thinking of starting up a mommy/personal blog, so the above reports may be separated from the IP/peer-to-peer/Internet studies/rhetoric stuff in the future. thoughts, anyone (if anyone's stil reading this)?

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