Saturday, December 04, 2004

Not another Napster . . .

So, Shawn Fanning is on the other side of the IP battle this time, or so it appears: Shawn Fanning Returns With New Music Service, reports The Celebrity Cafe.

Fanning's new software is "meant to help copyright holders manage sales of their songs, not as software for trading music files."

So many twists and turns in the history of p2p!

*edited at 2:59 to add*: has this to add (pulled from Jim Griffin's pho list): "Basically, I don't buy the control scenario being carved into Mount Snocap. I don't see how it moves us even a step closer to monetizing the anarchy that is art and its digital delivery, but I can easily see how it might move us several steps back, or to the side, because a sno-job is a snow job no matter how you spell it."

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