Thursday, December 09, 2004

What a week!

So, as I was writing my last post, my mom was being admitted into the hospital. Again. While she is apparently feeling much better now, and while it appears that there is not anything seriously wrong with her, it makes me nervous. She's had a hard time of it the last few years, what with broken bones, two bouts of pneumonia, and two hideous, awful bedsores, the last one coinciding with her last case of pneumonia - in March - which is just clearing up now (it was so bad that it exposed bone).

I, as usual, feel badly for being so very far away, and am saddened by my mother's declining health. MS really shouldn't do things like this - and it's really not MS at this point, but complications associated with being completely bedbound and living in a nursing home. At least she's cancer-free: the doctors initially found elevated calcium levels in her blood, a potential indicator of cancer. She's gone through so much at this point, including an earlier (much earlier) battle with breast cancer. Anyway, I've been on emotional edge this week.

Add to that: it's the end of the semester, so, generalized school-related stress. Also, my housemate appears to have the flu, and I'm the only one to have sought out the flu shot the adults in this household are eligible for. We're eligible because the baby is too little to be vaccinated and thereby protected, so the adults in regular contact with her are supposed to be protected. And this morning she showed evidence of tummy distress. No fever, and she appears to be in pretty good spirits, so hopefully she's not sick, but I am still concerned. Keep your fingers crossed.

Here's hoping the rest of the week is a bit better, and that next week goes more smoothly!

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