Thursday, December 23, 2004

when will it end?

grading. but I'm calling it a night, for right now. The kiddo has begun to sleep for a bit longer at a stretch, which means it's easier for me to accomplish things. I am halfway done with grading the final exams for my class. I can finish up what I have tomorrow, hopefully, and then I'll just need to handle extensions and calculating the final grades. Fingers crossed, I'll be done before the deadline.

now, off to bed with me. and a lot of covers over me tonight, let me tell ya! it's freakin' cold. A native Minnesotan told me today that he was thinking of leaving, that's how absolutley arctic it's been around here. Oh, and we got to listen to my inlaws jokingly complain about the 76-degree water temperature today. Poor things, moving from the Bahamas to South Florida. We should be so lucky!

Really, to sleep now.

- posted by laurie @ 12/23/2004 11:16:00 PM
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