Saturday, January 29, 2005

Blogging: Mommy (and Me)

The NY Times Style section has an article today on parent blogs: Mommy (and Me) discusses the rise of the parent blog (apparently over 8,000 this year, double last year's stat). Apparently the mommy blog (or daddy blog) is becoming quite a popular blog sub-genre. Why? Well, apparently we're the generation that spawned reality TV (I'd argue that, but OK), and us reproductive-years folk are also more expressive when it comes to family, feelings, and so on than previous generations (the author's speculations about the Good Housekeeping mommy blog of the 50's is amusing). Additionally, parents appear to blog in order to keep from disappearing into the piles of dirty diapers, spitup-covered onesies, unwashed milky bottle nipples, and an overwhelming variety of battery-operated toys and gadgets. The parent blog says, "yes, I had a kid, but I am still here - I am still me. There is life beyond baby, and I have an identity beyond that of parent."

I have some thoughts on that. I can see how the blog can be used to assert an identity beyond the daily reality of diapers and squeaky-toys (aside: has anyone else out there noticed the negligible difference between cat/dog toys and kid toys? Our cats have!). On the other hand, as the mom of a kid who turns four months tomorrow, I haven't been hit with the urge to blog more - I've been less and less prolific as a writer since she was born. I would rather spend time interacting with my little one than blogging about her, or other topics, for that matter. I also use other mechanisms to reaffirm my identity as an adult human being. That said, here I am writing about parenthood with the little one cooing away on my lap. Anyway, I found the article an interesting description of parent blogs, intereting enough to kick me out of my latest blogging slump!

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