Thursday, February 24, 2005

San Francisco, here we come!

Well, procrastinator that I often am, I just booked hotel/flight reservations for our upcoming (in less than three weeks) trip to San Francisco. Readers in the English/Rhet/Comp world will know that this is because of CCCC. At least ostensibly. Eric and I have also decided to make the conference into a bit of a Spring Break vacation, so we're taking a day or so on either side of the conference to hang out in a city that both of us have been to but neither of us have spent enough time in.

Because of labor issues, things have been a bit more difficult to arrange. Originally the conference (like the history conference netioned in the articles above) was supposed to be at the Hilton, and we were planning to stay there. Now, the conference is at the Moscone Center (and three cheers to the Four Cs organizing committee for moving the conference so members don't have to chose between their political/ethical convictions and their professional development), so the logistics of having a breastfed baby at the conference are going to be, well, challenging. I can't just duck upstairs into the room and feed her between sessions. But the hotel we're staying in, the Hotel Adagio, is only 6 blocks from the Moscone Center, so hopefully all will work out well.

I just want to take a moment to reaffirm my love of Hotwire: this trip was arranged through Hotwire, and ended up being quite a good deal, especially for the last-minute nature of my planning! Additionally, Hotwire participates with UPromise, so Thea gets about $25.00 (based on a percentage of our total Hotwire purchase) added to a college savings account, as well. And by keeping fingers crossed, the flights booked ended up being at reasonable times, so Eric can perhaps work a half-day on the day we depart, and I can make my 4:30 teaching obligation on the day we come back.

Discount travel rocks. Let's hope my presentations at CCCC do, too!

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Monday, February 21, 2005

Miscellany from the brain of the fevered one

I am sick. Still. I swear I am never going to get better. I feel like a miserable pile of crap. I woke up feverish this morning at about 3:30 and declared to Eric that I thought I might expire. I proceeded to sucumb to fever-induced tears, some "every joint and lymph node in my body aches"-type moaning, and a ton of noseblowing and highly bronchial coughing until ibuprofen kicked in and lowered my fever to an acceptable place.

My temperature hasn't been normal in over 5 days. Even with ibuprofen or tylenol. And it maxed out at 102.5 on Saturday night. I haven't been this sick since sometime in high school, I think. And that previous illness coinicded with dress rehearsals and opening night for a play I was doing at the time - it was Little Women, come to think of it. You try managing stairs in a gigantic antebellum costume that included hoop skirt, or trying to simultaneously cross-stitch and remember and recite your lines, while verging on delirious. Cake, right?

By the way, I habitually have a temperature that is lower than normal when I am healthy. So, when I hit 99 I start feeling really, really squirrely. Imagine what a little ball of fun I was on Saturday.

Kid and husband still sick as well.

And do you think I should be flattered or concerned that someone from a different time zone spent almost a half-hour (and nine page views) perusing my blog sometime yesterday? In my enfeebled mental condition, I can't decide.

Another thing: I have an appointment for my annual physical tomorrow. Aren't you supposed to be healthy for those?

Ugh. I have to go try and do something, anything to make myself feel better. Student presentations today. Can't cancel class. Have seriously considered it. Maybe someone could set up the video camera for me? Nah. I'd better go.

If I do not feel better soon, I will go crazy. This is gettiing ridiculous.

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Friday, February 18, 2005

Poor Sweet Baby

I seem only to be posting about illness, mothering/parenting, or baby stuff lately. And to keep with that trend . . .

I just gave my baby, aged four and a half months, a nebulizer treatment to deliver albuterol to her sick little lungs. It was, not to exaggerate, awful. I had to use a mask much like this. Now, dear reader, I am sure you can imagine the reaction of even the sweetest-tempered baby when Mom straps a great big plastic thing on over your face, tightens up the green elastic straps, and turns on the motor (which, while not really loud, still makes a distinctly unfamiliar sound), which causes stinky steamy-smoky stuff to be blown into your little mouth and nose. You cry. Loudly. Until you turn that awful, almost-purple color of deep red.

Why am I subjecting the poor baby to this? Well, seems she (and Eric and I) has picked up RSV. Bad mommy probably brought it home from campus. Anyway, one of the problems with RSV is that it can cause bronchiolitis in wee ones, and that's what happened with her. This also means that I am probably taking antibiotics for nothing, since my "acute sinusitis" is probably more likely the results of the viral infection.

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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Nothing "cute"

There's nothing cute about"acute sinusitis," my diagnosis after almost two and a half hours (grrr) at the doctor's office yesterday. Two weeks of antibiotics, an inhaler, ibuprofen for fever/body aches/blinding sinus pain, and generic-style sudafed should get me all fixed up. In the meantime, I still feel like someone ran me over with a cement-mixer. And then poured the cement directly into my sinuses and lungs.

In happier news, Eric and I have been putting our brand-new digital camcorder to good and fun use. We're supposedly making a tape to send to my mom, and we'll do that, for sure, but we're also having a blast in the meantime. New gadgets! Yay! Yesterday we captured the solid food experiment: take 2, a very happy bathtime for a bery stinky baby, and the dressing-and-putting-to-bed session that followed all the splashing.

My kid is the cutest kid ever. Period. Don't even try to argue with me. Empirically, I am pretty sure I can prove this. Study design and methodolgy to follow.

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Tuesday, February 08, 2005


"I cannot go to school today,"
Said little Peggy Ann McKay,
"I have the measles and the mumps,
A gash, a rash, and purple bumps.
My mouth is wet, my throat is dry,
I'm going blind in my right eye.
My tonsils are as big as rocks,
I've counted sixteen chicken pox
And there's one more--that's seventeen,
And don't you think my face looks green?"

I love that Shel Silverstein poem. And even though the speaker in the poem is faking every symptom, I always think of her when I am "under the weather." Euphemism for, "I'm damn sick." And today I am exactly that. Damn sick. Actually, I am slightly better than I was Sunday night, when everything from the tippy-top of my head to a point somewhere deep in my chest hurt like all-get-out and was, as an understatement, congested. Yesterday morning I pulled myself from the cocoon of my covers, dragged a tissue across my face, went and got the baby, trying to keep her as far from my potentially-contagious self as possible, and called the doctor.

Now, if you don't know, I have an antagonistic relationship with the medical field in general. I spent my childhood on antibiotics, being tested for mono and whooping cough at nearly every visit, being pumped full of asthma and allergy medications and perscription decongestants. None of which I'm sure I needed. And now I am paranoid about antibiotic resistance. All of which is a long way to say, if I'm going to the doctor for more than my annual check-up (or the infinite visits that went along with pregnancy and childbirth, but that's entirely different), I'm damn sick.

So I called my local clinic, where I had interviewed and selected the physician that is to be our family doctor. Remember, dragged out of bed, tissue in one hand, baby in other, puffy eyes, runny nose, losing voice, and just otherwise gross and ill. Called the doctor, and tried to make an appointment. But no, they would not see me until today. Even though they had explained when I did interviews with the doctors that, for illness-related visits, this clinic strove to get everyone seen same-day. They told me I could go to urgent-care (yeah: "can someone triage my sinus infection, please? I know everyone else has waaay more serious issues, but I have been sitting here with a baby for six hours" . . . that nightmare scenario played out in my head, and I didn't want it to play out in reality!), or could wait until their next available appointment, today at 2 PM. Well, we take what we can get, huh?

Of course, yesterday afternoon I started feeling better. I still have no voice and a horrible cough, but I've had this particular brand of illness before, and it tends to start in the sinuses and move downward, ending with gross lung stuff and a lost voice, before it just *poof* disappears. So myabe I'm about done with this. I hope so. Nevertheless, I am still headed off to see the physician today, partly because, yes, while better, I am still sick, and partly because, with less than 24 hour's notice, I would still have to pay the copay, so I might as well get my $10.00 worth.

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Saturday, February 05, 2005

the great big developmental week, continued.

The wee one is snoozing on my belly right now (making for about the most awkward typing position I have ever attempted), so I thought I would take this moment to add to the previous post: today she sat up. She can't get to a sitting position by herself, nor can she maintain the uprightness of her head and torso for long, but she can do it for short periods.

It's like all of a sudden she decided to up and do everything. And last night she was making definite attempts at crawling. Now, thankfully for the adults who inhabit this house, I think it will be a while yet before she gets the legs part of crawling and the hands part of crawling all going on at the same time. She's kind of got each individually, but the coordination isn't there. When she tries really hard, she seems to just propel herself face-first into whatever blanket or mat she's on (and then wail). So life as we know it will continue for a bit longer. And then we will have to adjust to life with mobile child, and all that goes along with that!

Ok, I am going to strain something trying to type this way!

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Friday, February 04, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen, We have Achieved Rollover

Our little one has had a very big, exciting week. On Sunday she turned four months old. On Monday, we went in for her four-month well-baby visit, and yes, there were shots! She handled them very well, though (much better than last time - scroll down to 12/2 post - blogger has, surprisingly, screwed over my archives YET AGAIN). I did give her Tylenol before the doctor's visit this time, and that seemed to help.

Baby is now 15# 8oz, and stands (or lies) 25 1/4" tall. She's getting huge.

We also got the go-ahead to try "solids," so Wednesday we mixed up four tablespoons of milk with one tablespoon of rice cereal, and gave it a try. The substance ended up being very soupy, not very thick at all. I think this is how it's supposed to be for the first few feedings, but it makes things a bit more difficult. End result: some of the cereal made it into her mouth.Some made it all over Mom and Dad. And a LOT made it all over her face, hands, and especially her bib.

Also on Wednesday, she held her own bottle. Not well, or for long, but it's still pretty cool.

And then yesterday I called to check on her at daycare, and she had just, for the very first time, rolled herself over. It's a very funny procedure to watch. She rolls left only for the time being, and is not sure what to do with her left shoulder once she gets her body around (usually the shoulder gets pinned under the rest of her, and then crying commences, though not immediately). When she gets the arm out and the shoulder up, she can also prop up for shrt periods before collapse occurs and she starts asking - loudly - for help.

We're going to be late for Mom & Baby Yoga, so off I go!

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