Monday, February 21, 2005

Miscellany from the brain of the fevered one

I am sick. Still. I swear I am never going to get better. I feel like a miserable pile of crap. I woke up feverish this morning at about 3:30 and declared to Eric that I thought I might expire. I proceeded to sucumb to fever-induced tears, some "every joint and lymph node in my body aches"-type moaning, and a ton of noseblowing and highly bronchial coughing until ibuprofen kicked in and lowered my fever to an acceptable place.

My temperature hasn't been normal in over 5 days. Even with ibuprofen or tylenol. And it maxed out at 102.5 on Saturday night. I haven't been this sick since sometime in high school, I think. And that previous illness coinicded with dress rehearsals and opening night for a play I was doing at the time - it was Little Women, come to think of it. You try managing stairs in a gigantic antebellum costume that included hoop skirt, or trying to simultaneously cross-stitch and remember and recite your lines, while verging on delirious. Cake, right?

By the way, I habitually have a temperature that is lower than normal when I am healthy. So, when I hit 99 I start feeling really, really squirrely. Imagine what a little ball of fun I was on Saturday.

Kid and husband still sick as well.

And do you think I should be flattered or concerned that someone from a different time zone spent almost a half-hour (and nine page views) perusing my blog sometime yesterday? In my enfeebled mental condition, I can't decide.

Another thing: I have an appointment for my annual physical tomorrow. Aren't you supposed to be healthy for those?

Ugh. I have to go try and do something, anything to make myself feel better. Student presentations today. Can't cancel class. Have seriously considered it. Maybe someone could set up the video camera for me? Nah. I'd better go.

If I do not feel better soon, I will go crazy. This is gettiing ridiculous.

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