Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Nothing "cute"

There's nothing cute about"acute sinusitis," my diagnosis after almost two and a half hours (grrr) at the doctor's office yesterday. Two weeks of antibiotics, an inhaler, ibuprofen for fever/body aches/blinding sinus pain, and generic-style sudafed should get me all fixed up. In the meantime, I still feel like someone ran me over with a cement-mixer. And then poured the cement directly into my sinuses and lungs.

In happier news, Eric and I have been putting our brand-new digital camcorder to good and fun use. We're supposedly making a tape to send to my mom, and we'll do that, for sure, but we're also having a blast in the meantime. New gadgets! Yay! Yesterday we captured the solid food experiment: take 2, a very happy bathtime for a bery stinky baby, and the dressing-and-putting-to-bed session that followed all the splashing.

My kid is the cutest kid ever. Period. Don't even try to argue with me. Empirically, I am pretty sure I can prove this. Study design and methodolgy to follow.

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