Friday, February 18, 2005

Poor Sweet Baby

I seem only to be posting about illness, mothering/parenting, or baby stuff lately. And to keep with that trend . . .

I just gave my baby, aged four and a half months, a nebulizer treatment to deliver albuterol to her sick little lungs. It was, not to exaggerate, awful. I had to use a mask much like this. Now, dear reader, I am sure you can imagine the reaction of even the sweetest-tempered baby when Mom straps a great big plastic thing on over your face, tightens up the green elastic straps, and turns on the motor (which, while not really loud, still makes a distinctly unfamiliar sound), which causes stinky steamy-smoky stuff to be blown into your little mouth and nose. You cry. Loudly. Until you turn that awful, almost-purple color of deep red.

Why am I subjecting the poor baby to this? Well, seems she (and Eric and I) has picked up RSV. Bad mommy probably brought it home from campus. Anyway, one of the problems with RSV is that it can cause bronchiolitis in wee ones, and that's what happened with her. This also means that I am probably taking antibiotics for nothing, since my "acute sinusitis" is probably more likely the results of the viral infection.

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