Thursday, February 24, 2005

San Francisco, here we come!

Well, procrastinator that I often am, I just booked hotel/flight reservations for our upcoming (in less than three weeks) trip to San Francisco. Readers in the English/Rhet/Comp world will know that this is because of CCCC. At least ostensibly. Eric and I have also decided to make the conference into a bit of a Spring Break vacation, so we're taking a day or so on either side of the conference to hang out in a city that both of us have been to but neither of us have spent enough time in.

Because of labor issues, things have been a bit more difficult to arrange. Originally the conference (like the history conference netioned in the articles above) was supposed to be at the Hilton, and we were planning to stay there. Now, the conference is at the Moscone Center (and three cheers to the Four Cs organizing committee for moving the conference so members don't have to chose between their political/ethical convictions and their professional development), so the logistics of having a breastfed baby at the conference are going to be, well, challenging. I can't just duck upstairs into the room and feed her between sessions. But the hotel we're staying in, the Hotel Adagio, is only 6 blocks from the Moscone Center, so hopefully all will work out well.

I just want to take a moment to reaffirm my love of Hotwire: this trip was arranged through Hotwire, and ended up being quite a good deal, especially for the last-minute nature of my planning! Additionally, Hotwire participates with UPromise, so Thea gets about $25.00 (based on a percentage of our total Hotwire purchase) added to a college savings account, as well. And by keeping fingers crossed, the flights booked ended up being at reasonable times, so Eric can perhaps work a half-day on the day we depart, and I can make my 4:30 teaching obligation on the day we come back.

Discount travel rocks. Let's hope my presentations at CCCC do, too!

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