Tuesday, March 08, 2005

A Curse of Plague and Pestilence Upon Your House . . .

I jinxed myself. I joked to a few people that we'd had it all, we had to be getting better, because the family (mostly me) had had everything we could have.

Never say that. Especially not out loud. The deities of perversity will ensure that you get sick. And probably, they will ensure that you get really, really, good and awfully sick. Which is what they did to me.

Last Wednedsday afternoon I began to have pain, generalized chills, started feeling like I had a fever, and had some dizziness and nausea. I toughed it out so I could go teach my class at 4:30, but I spent the minutes between 4:15 and 4:26 with my head between my knees to avoid passing out.

By the time I hit class I was a mess, and had to hunch my shoulders so the afflicted painful place (ok, my breast) didn't come into contact with my shirt - at least to the extend possible.

In the 24 hours between that point and when I saw a doctor, the infection just dug in and went to town. And life has been pretty miserable from there on out. Feeling better now, but that's after days of rest, rehydration, lots of heat packs, three injections of enormous doses of antibiotics, a separate prescription for oral antibiotics, a subsequent extension of that original prescription from 10 to 14 days, and two separate trips to the doctor (last one was yesterday, because I got only marginally better over the weekend).

Diagnonsis? Mastitis. Usually painful but also usually clears quickly once treatment begins. Lucky me, though: I got the kind that almost sent me to the hospital, that was somewhere in the 8-to-9 range of seriousness on a 10-point scale, and that will take days more to clear.

Not tempting the deities again, but instead imploring: I have non-returnable, non-refundable, non-exhcangeable reservations for a flight to San Francisco and six nights in a hotel. The package plus related expenses such as eating out and sightseeing will cost approximately 10% of my less-than-ample grad assistantship. Most of that is already spent and will be nigh-on-impossible to have refunded. I leave in a week. This will be our first family vacation, and a good professional development opportunity for me, as well. Please? Can I be better by next Tuesday?

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