Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Great Randomness Dredged from My Brain

I'm trying to decide whether to go to this or stay home and work. Am out of coffee in the house, so I am going to have to leave at least to caffeinate and figure I might as well head to campus while drinking my coffee . . . ?

So, I've got a question: I was raised by people with kind of an old-fashioned sensibility about certain things. No elbows on the table, respect elders, no white shoes before Memorial Day. I have, as a result, internalized some things that some people think are quite strange.

Now, I'm not criticizing, just questioning. We went to a wedding over the weekend. It's my understanding there are just some things you shouldn't wear to weddings. White would be the number one, because that's supposed to be reserved for the bride. Red. 'Nuff said, yes? Black (like ALL black,not patterns)- except perhaps for a formal evening wedding. Things that could be defined as "trashy," "risque," or "revealing." Are these things not true any more, at all?

I still don't think it's appropriate to wear jeans and polo shirts to weddings, unless it's a backyard-barbecue type event. In a church = at least a button-down shirt, slacks, and non-sneakers shoes for guys, IMO.

ON to the next thing: did you hear that Macromedia and Adobe are merging, and may end up giving MS a run for their money, since they dominate the market with free and unbiquitous plug-ins? I'm reserving final judgement, but my prelimiary opinion is pretty positive.

Well, if I am even to pretend I am going to that conferece, must leave now.

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