Monday, April 04, 2005

Praise for the U

I fiirmly believe in giving praise where praise is due. I am the kind of person who fills out comment cards and sends emails to corporate offices when I have had a great experience, rather than only using those channels of communication for griping. I mean hey, I gripe here on my blog, right?

Well, I am going to give praise here, too. The University of Minnesota's technology help line and whomever they transferred me to thereafter - just wonderful, great, efficient, polite, and did I say wonderful? As of this morning, I hadn't received a single email since 7:41 pm on Friday evening, and given the google news alerts, listservs and listserv digests I subscribe to, I should have gotten something! Never mind the fact that I had sent a message on which I cc'ed myself and never received. Well, the tech folks at the U had my problem fixed in approximately 15 minutes, and then called me to let me know, and to kind of explain what happened. Apparently, for some quirky unknown computer reason, my account was experiencing a "hung process": never really disconnected properly, apparently, and thereafter I couldn't receive messages though I could send them. And the tech folks cleared the hung process, and a weekend's worth of mail flooded into my inbox and various filtered folders.

Thank you, thank you.

And I have email again. Which is a relief.

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