Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Tech Help, Please!

I have a flash drive. It's a bit over a year old (bought it in late August or early September of '03). It has ceased working on my iBook - the laptop does not even recognize that anything has been attached. No disk icon appears on the desktop, no change in the finder window, nothing. The little activity light on the drive does light up briefly, but then nothing happens.

I just moved all files off the drive and reformatted it on my Windows machine and then tried, again, to plug the flash drive into the iBook. Again, nothing. By the way, have checked and both USB ports on the laptop are working just fine with other peripherals. Is this a hardware issue? A software issue?

Last week I purchased a 1G replacement. Bigger, newer, and better with regard to security features. But it was still a bit spendy, and if I can get the good ol' 256 to work, then really, let's be honest, what do I need the full gig for?

Can anyone out there help me before I break down and rip open the 1G drive?

- posted by laurie @ 4/12/2005 07:10:00 AM
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