Sunday, April 03, 2005

A year older and, um wiser?

Today is my birthday - I have another 34 minutes to enjoy it! Birthdays, it seems, become less fun with the passing years. This one, on the other hand, was just wonderful. I got phone calls from the people in my life who love me most. I got to talk to my mother for the first time in weeks and weeks, which was a very special treat. I spent much of the day in my jammies playing with ym new toys. And I have had back-to-back fabulous dining experiences with people I really enjoy spending time with.

Yesterday was pretty laid back. We kicked around the house in the morning, and then headed to the MOA for the little one's six-month photos. They turned out so very, very well that we had a tough time deciding which ones we should use for the three poses we got with our selected package. So good that the photographer wanted to use one of the shots for promotional purposes.

Last night our housemate and her boyfriend, who returned home to Southern California today, went to Fuji-Ya. Yummy, yummy! We made reservations for 5:00 (first available), and ended up getting one of the private rooms. Everyone, baby included, sat on the floor, which actually worked very well for all involved parties. The sushi was fabulous, the service was ok to begin with, then crappy (when we ordered, I guess, less than our server thought we should have), then excellent, when we ordered a second round of drinks and a second round of sushi (guess our tab exceeded the "I give a . . ." threshold). We also ordered desserts at that time. If you head to Fuji-Ya any time soon, I would recommend trying either the tempura ice cream or the fried cheesecake - I had the latter, but the green tea ice cream tempura looked wonderful, as well. I received three early gifts, all books I am looking forward to reading (including a knitting book, so I actually have my very own pattern for the sweater I am supposedly making right now).

This morning I awoke after actually getting to sleep in a little bit (thanks, baby!!!). Eric went and retreived donuts and fixings for spinach and feta omelettes. After breakfast, three beautifully-wrapped presents came upstairs. Eric handed me a squishy square one which he proclaimed was from him. It contained a cute retro Atari tee and a "Vote for Pedro" Napoleon Dyanmite tee. Both cute, both I like and will wear. The second package, squarish and obviously a box of some kind, was "from the baby - she picked it out." I opened it and found . . . a silver iPod Mini! YAY!!!! Present number three was dubbed, "the mistake." The roundish package contained earphones, which Eric had purchased because he wasn't sure if the iPod came with them or not. Well it did, and the extra ones may or may not go back to the store.

This afternoon I finally stopped playing with my iPod, peeled off my jammies, and dressed up in my one really fancy nursing shirt, black slacks, and black boots. Eric dressed nicely, as well. We packed up a bag with a bottle, some toys, and other baby necessaries, and headed out. First stop was at the home of baby's surrogate grandma, who watched her for the first time this evening. Next stop was the Burnsville Ciatti's/Chianti Grill, where a fabulous dinner and dessert awaited us. Mmmmm, any evening that ends with creme brulee and coffee has to be good!

So folks, I'm loading songs onto the iPod as I write this, and I think I am going to go grab a few discs from my car (don't have a CD player in the car, but both of my CD cases and all of my favorite CDs seem to be there). Then, after the little iPod is appropriately loaded, I am going to crawl into bed, having had a very, very satisfying birthday.

and you know what? truly, truly, I do not mind getting older. but talk to me next year, when I hit the big 3-0. May feel differently.

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