Monday, May 23, 2005

Blogging from the RSA Summer Institute

I'm at Kent State right now, at the first ever RSA Summer Institute. I am blogging from my room - for some reason I am picking up wireless in my own room (and I appear to be the only one able to do this).

Today is the first dayof the week-long portion, and if the morning session was any indication, this week is going to be energizing, exciting, and really, really thought-provoking. I'm going to actually write up some notes this time - I always say I'll blog conferences and then don't - but this is definitely not a conference. By the end of the day at conferences I feel overwhelmed and brain-dead from attending so many panels, plus I'm usually exhausted. I think that will not be the case with the Institute. It's smaller, for one thing, and is set up such that there are extended periods devoted to a certain topic.

Also, the weather in Kent is not the best - cool and rainy - so I'll have plenty of indoor time to write, though I do hope it clears up a bit so I can explore at least one of the days that I am here!

Here's hoping baby and dad are doing ok at home by themselves. I miss them!!! Eight days is a long time to be away when it means being away from your eight-month-old daughter (and this id the first time I have been away from her for more than, oh, maybe eight or nine hours).

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