Friday, May 06, 2005

Hong Kong scouts gain IP proficiency badge

According to The Register (and numerous other sources over the past few days), scouts in Hong Kong can now complete a proficiency badge in Intellectual Property. This effort has apparently been spearheaded by the MPA, and will be given to scouts who attend seminars aimed at educating them about IP.

One site quips that, of course, IP is important for every scout. Actually, I would argue that it is - but I would argue that any education in intellectual property should look at historical erosion of the rights of people to use creative works, and should include a section on fair use (or other freedoms and protected uses, IP laws differing as they do from country to country).

Overall, I don't actually think this is a bad idea - I do think that spearheaded by the MPA, it will end up being a bad thing for free culture, however.

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