Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Laurie's not a morning person.

It was too soon to write another post entitled, "crap, crap, crap." Besides, I am at a gathering of rhetoricians, and am therefore more acutely aware of my use of language.

What I am bemoaning this time is that I am seemingly fated to have awful conference presentation times. The program for Feminism(s) and Rhetoric(s) 2005 is up (can someone remind me to register as soon as I get home from Kent? thx), and I drew an 8 AM Friday timeslot. While teaching at 8:30 last year and then having a baby who awakes bright and early in the morn has made me somewhat more of a "morning person" (I manage consciousness and some level of functinality beyond basic brain stem stuff), I still would not describe myself that way. Ever. To anyone. This will not be the first early morning talk I've given (come to think of it, the last bright-and-early presentation might well have been at Feminism(s) and Rhetoric(s) 2003). Anyway, I'll do it. and it will be less horrible than I think, but at the moment . . . crap.

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