Monday, June 27, 2005

I still have the cutest baby in the world!

Little fairy & fireflies
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We took her in for nine-month photos yesterday. Despite an afternoon appointment, teething-induced fussiness, and generally less cooperation than at the six-month sitting (trying to eat or fall off of props, refusing to smile, trying to kiss the baby in the mirror in the fairy pictures), we managed to get several cute pictures. This is one of my favorites.

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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Early Saturday Morning

It's just after 8 am, and I have been up for an hour and a half. The teething baby is the reason for this morning's early exit from a snuggly bed. She has acquired two lower teeth and is now in the process of adding upper teeth. The teething process has made my otherwise wonderful, cheerful baby into a pathetic, and sometimes monstrous, individual.

It's really not all that problematic that the kiddo woke us up early this morning. I head to my first class meeting for the six-week yoga intensive I decided to take - get back into shape a bit, and get out of the house a bit, as well. I still need to fingure out exacxtly what I am going to wear, since none of the exercise-friendly clothing I own even remotely fits anymore (it was all purchased during a fitness kick a few years ago, when I regularly rode our stationary bike for 30 minutes to an hour almost daily, and, weight aside, when I had a much lower total percentage of body fat).

Well, my mind says it's not problematic that I am up at this time on a weekend. My body, on the other hand, protesting from an early morning yesterday (caused by the damn tornado sirens going off for a thunderstorm warning just before 6:30 yesterday, which of course woke the teething one), a kind of late night last night (Eric and housemate have folks over on Fridays), and another unexpectedly early awakening this morning, is clamoring for me to refill my coffee cup before going to investigate the state of my workout apparel (and the state of my child's diaper - whihc do you think is worse?).

On that note, clamoring and investigating ensue. Hope you got lots of sleep!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005


I can't find anything lately. OR I can only find things after way too extensive search procedures. It just took me ten minutes to find both members of a pair of shoes. I spent part of this morning looking for something important which disappeared Thursday. AGAIN. Have yet to encounter even minute evidence of its existence, much less the item itself. In the looking process, I realized that other important things have gone missing (most notably, my bith certificate, which is ALWAYS in an envelope with my marriage certificate, because I often need these two things together to prove I am who I say I am, even though my last name has changed - I guess I should say it WAS always there, until recently . . . ). I took pictures of the little one for a good friend over a week ago but can't find the cable that connects my camera to my computer, which makes sending the pictures very difficult . . .

Ugh. Nothing else to report.

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Friday, June 17, 2005

Another baby post

It's Friday, which is my all-day-at-home-with-baby weekday. I enjoy Fridays generally, and enjoy playing with the little one, especially as she's gotten older. This Friday, however, is (while still fully enjoyable) a completely different story.

The munchkin is crawling like a pro now - this, and the addition of the first two teeth, have been her developmental accomplishments for the last month - and now that she's mobile, she's dangerous. She just finished opening and closing (and reopening) all of the doors on our hutch. Right now she's trying to climb my leg. This morning she has also tried to catch the kitty two or three times, dragged a stray piece of uncooked spaghetti from under the kitchen table, and found a few cheerios on the kitchen floor that escaped my best sweeping efforts (and wow, have I been making those efforts more frequently these days!). She no longer enjoys car rides as mcuh (as I found out on a first-thing outing this morning). She's so much fun, but she's also exhausting!!!

Well, off to go help with frustrating shape-sorting (that cube just won't fit into the circular hole).

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Thursday, June 02, 2005


As I write this, my counter reads 9,999. I'm almost to 10,000 visitors! Never mind that some people get that many hits in a few days. I'm satisfied with my small readership and the smattering of people that arrive via (sometimes very odd) google searches.

Home from Rhetoric camp, and recovering and recuperating for a day or two before seriously digging back in to the work of the summer: reading. Today I've been cleaning mostly, partly in avoidance of doing said serious reading, partly because there is plenty to do after being gone for nine days: laundry, scrub kitchen counters, sterilize bottle and breast pump parts, and so on.

I'd post my travel saga here, but am pretty much over it and don't want to reflect on it further. Let's just say that I spent an extra day in Cleveland, at the airline's expense. You can email me if you really want the gory details.

Must be off. Reading awaits, as do errands that include grocery procurement and last-minute birthday shopping for Eric. I've been forbidden from buying him anything too big or expensive, and the small and cheap isn't my forte when it comes to gifts. *sigh*

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