Thursday, June 02, 2005


As I write this, my counter reads 9,999. I'm almost to 10,000 visitors! Never mind that some people get that many hits in a few days. I'm satisfied with my small readership and the smattering of people that arrive via (sometimes very odd) google searches.

Home from Rhetoric camp, and recovering and recuperating for a day or two before seriously digging back in to the work of the summer: reading. Today I've been cleaning mostly, partly in avoidance of doing said serious reading, partly because there is plenty to do after being gone for nine days: laundry, scrub kitchen counters, sterilize bottle and breast pump parts, and so on.

I'd post my travel saga here, but am pretty much over it and don't want to reflect on it further. Let's just say that I spent an extra day in Cleveland, at the airline's expense. You can email me if you really want the gory details.

Must be off. Reading awaits, as do errands that include grocery procurement and last-minute birthday shopping for Eric. I've been forbidden from buying him anything too big or expensive, and the small and cheap isn't my forte when it comes to gifts. *sigh*

- posted by laurie @ 6/02/2005 10:04:00 AM
welcome home! and how's my beautiful baby???
Laurie --I just found you on the web by accident! I'm absentmindedly googling my own name, in combination with rhetoric, end up with a website done by a Minnesota peer of yours, and there you are!

If I had a blog, the last three postings would be exactly the same, save mention of babies and breast pumps. I'm getting back into reading too --took a week off to let my brain recuperate.

It was terrific to get to know you in particular, besides all the other great stuff that happened in Kent. Looking forward to being your conference buddy in the future. Good luck with studying!
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