Friday, June 17, 2005

Another baby post

It's Friday, which is my all-day-at-home-with-baby weekday. I enjoy Fridays generally, and enjoy playing with the little one, especially as she's gotten older. This Friday, however, is (while still fully enjoyable) a completely different story.

The munchkin is crawling like a pro now - this, and the addition of the first two teeth, have been her developmental accomplishments for the last month - and now that she's mobile, she's dangerous. She just finished opening and closing (and reopening) all of the doors on our hutch. Right now she's trying to climb my leg. This morning she has also tried to catch the kitty two or three times, dragged a stray piece of uncooked spaghetti from under the kitchen table, and found a few cheerios on the kitchen floor that escaped my best sweeping efforts (and wow, have I been making those efforts more frequently these days!). She no longer enjoys car rides as mcuh (as I found out on a first-thing outing this morning). She's so much fun, but she's also exhausting!!!

Well, off to go help with frustrating shape-sorting (that cube just won't fit into the circular hole).

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